Back to Reality…Again

April 17, 2013

Hello Metropolitan fans.  Long time no post.  At least it has been for me.  No matter how long I stay away, the Mets and their lousy ownership just pull me right back in.

Today’s subject follows the atrocious double-header sweep by the Rockies yesterday.  For any Met fans who began to sip the Kool Aid after a small sample of successful games against the likes of the Padres and Marlins to open the season, shame on you.  It isn’t as if the team had impressed any of us with the off-season moves they made.  Did anyone think that the John Bucks, Marlon Byrds and Collin Cowgill’s of the world were going to amount to any measure of sustained success in 2013?  Not to mention the fact that Jeremy Hefner and Aaron Laffey now compose 40% of our starting rotation.  I mean really.  The analogy that comes to my mind is comparing the Met roster to a building with large holes in its foundation.  Rather than repairing those holes with durable cement, the Wilpons decided to use silly putty instead.  Sure the holes are indeed filled, but it is only a matter of time until the foundation continues to crumble, inevitably leading to the entire building suffering a complete collapse.

Such is the prognosis for the Mets 2013 season.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  It certainly should.  After all, it is the same formula that the Wilpons have concocted to produce a forgetful season for each of the past four years.  The formula goes something like this.  Two established, healthy, proven major league talents + one budding young prospect that the organization is pinning their entire future on + six physically decrepit players + five washed-up players with familiar names that no one else wanted + eleven players who are either unproven or that no one had ever heard of.  Unfortunately, this is a formula for failure that anyone not named Wilpon can easily understand.

Alas, it is the Wilpons who are captain of this vessel, and not unlike the Titanic, we were doomed from the start.

The 2013 Met season is not much unlike the Titanic.

The 2013 Met season is not much unlike the Titanic.