A Family Business

February 20, 2010

Hoo boy.  According to this article from the New York Times, Fred Wilpon plans on keeping it in the family.  Says Mr. Wilpon:

“I’ve always said, if it’s up to me, my family will be involved for the next generations…”

While it doesn’t bode well for the Mets, it means Dkresh1 has a shot at keeping this blog running well into his retirement.  It also gives him something to pass on to his own kids and grandkids.


Escobar Shmescobar

February 18, 2010

On one hand, it’s silly to focus too much on spring training hype. You’ve read it already—tweaks and twists will happen before the season begins, so don’t pay this Escobar thing too much mind. Remember Mookie coming up with his eye injury in spring, ’86? Even before the advent of the sports blog, the media was abuzz and all were worried about the Mets’ hopes. Remember how that season played out?

On the other hand—OH MY GOD! HERE COMES THE NEXT ROUND OF INJURIES!!! Okay, I jest. But am I the only one who felt a jolt of nervousness when I read the phrase, “examined by team doctor”? That’s upper management’s fault. Their October announcement that medical gaffs are “unacceptable” was all spin and no substance, as evidenced by the Beltran debacle last month. They’ve instilled little confidence that their medical protocols have changed enough to make a real difference.

Back to the first hand: who cares about all this finger pointing? In the end, the important thing is what happens on the field, right?

The problem is this: the Wilpons have created a situation where there is very little trust in the organization, and the result is that some fans are planning on keeping their distance from Citi Field (Dave Matthews Band show excepted). This creates two real problems for the Mets: 1) creating excitement on their home turf and 2) earning enough cash to pay for salary needs in the coming years. If the Wilpons don’t right this ship soon, they’re going to see fans continue to flee (insert rats/ship analogy here).

Conclusion: Be Gone with Wilpon!