Terry Collins is taking the blame, as he should.  A manager is needed not only to make smart in-game decisions, but to make sound roster/lineup choices at the same time.  Collins is notoriously bad at both of these.  Perhaps above all, a manager is needed to be a steadying force in the face of adversity.  You know.  Say the right things.  Lead by example. Lean on any prior success he has had in his field.  Breed confidence in his underachieving players.  (Well, in the Mets’ case, instill that same confidence in players that actually are NOT underachieving, but playing right at the level that we all expected them to).  Perhaps even push them to, dare I say it, overachieve?
     It starts with fundamentals, which leads to respect from the players towards their manager.  Collins offers none of this. Multiple years of defensive miscues, poor base running and improbable brain farts day in and day out with zero improvement serves as hard evidence towards this fact. His voice has fallen on deaf ears.  Year after painful year. Prolonged slumps with no end in site year in and year out is the direct result of such dysfunction.  You don’t see the Cardinals, who have suffered plenty of significant player injuries as well, hitting prolonged slumps do you?  You don’t, because that is an organization that forces respect for one another, their management, and ownership.  They are expected to succeed year after year.  The Met organization?  Not so much.
Terry Collins takes this year's blame for Met failure.

Terry Collins takes this year’s blame for Met failures.

      Well, back to Terry Collins.  As I’ve professed many times over the years, he is a nice guy.  However, he is overmatched at his craft and needs to go….three years ago that is.
     That being said, he knew what he signed on for.  He also knew that this would be his only opportunity to earn a substantial paycheck.  By comparison, imagine that you were a struggling actor, and suddenly an unexpected opportunity presented itself. If you don’t like the project, you’re taking it anyway.  What option do you have?  This is the field you chose. Beggars absolutely can not be choosers.
     This is why he does not have a bad word to say about his crappy management, even when the end is so clearly in sight. (Or at least should be…three years ago, so you never know).  Of course, management deserves plenty of the blame, and I’m not talking solely about keeping on a guy like Collins for 3 years too many.  The story is so old and repetitive, that it isn’t worth mentioning here.  Except the obligatory thank you to the Wilpons for ruining the Met franchise.  Well, it had to be said at least once.
     So thanks Terry for shouldering the blame.  You do deserve plenty of it, so it’s not as if we should stand and applaud the guy.  However, wouldn’t it be nice if he would say one negative barb on the way out the door.  I personally would enjoy that. What the heck, it’s not as if another job is coming around the bend.