Damage Control

February 8, 2011

Predictably, it has begun Met fans.  Make no mistake about it, the Wilpons NEED YOU.  Well actually, they need your dollars.  This is true to such an extent that they have begun the pathetic process of groveling to its season ticket holders for sympathy.  Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the letter sent to all season ticket holders, as I have not purchased any tickets in years due to my disdain for the Wilpons.  (If anyone has a copy of this letter, I would truly appreciate it if you would post it under the comments section below this post for all to see.)

Wilpons-Saul-Katz - Be Gone With Wilpon

To what depths will the brain trust of Sterling Equities sink?

Meanwhile, I have instantaneously become a fan of Eric Usinger of Huntington, NY.  He is certainly not someone who will be used and abused by the Wilpons.  We should all take his lead as we forge forward as fans of the team that the Wilpons currently (hopefully not for long) own. After all, we are fans of the New York Mets, not of Sterling Equities.

You can expect much more of this to come, as the Wilpons will do anything in their desperate state to win over the fans and the money that they represent to Sterling Equities.


2 Responses to “Damage Control”

  1. As a fellow Mets fan, I hope the Wilponzi crime family sells the team soon. If you are on Facebook, you will want to join a group called “It Hurts Being a Mets Fan.” http://www.facebook.com/ithurtsbeingaMETSfan?ref=ts

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