Yes, the conclusion of the Jeff Wilpon interview on The Boomer and Carton Show was one for the books.  In all my years following this club with extreme levels of pessimism, even this one caught me off guard.  All you need to do is listen to the latter part of the interview when Al Hughes sings his usual goofy Met song (this one to “Scene from an Italian Restaurant”) in which he pokes fun at the Mets and their shortcomings.  Only this time, the owner of the team actually sings along, not knowing how foolish he sounds doing it.


Jef Wilpon has no clue Be Gone With Wilpon

We knew Jeff Wilpon was clueless, but this is simply ridiculous


Yes Met fans, this ACTUALLY happened.

Listen if you dare (go to 26:00 minutes in to hear the song), but remember that this is only going to make you sick.

Jeff Wilpon Sings Like a Fool


When you have been a fan of the New York Mets for as long as I have, you begin to get used to certain things.  I am used to losing in agonizing ways, and I am certainly used to the last month of each season having no meaning whatsoever.

However, it is the day after that really is telling about this franchise.  This is true because we get to watch the Wilpons do their song and dance when trying to explain the continued failures of their baseball team.  Consider it “Pass the Buck Day”.  This is their time to convince you and I that they will not stand for the losing any longer.  They are always “very, very disappointed with the results”, and “plan on putting a winning ball-club on the field next year and for years to come.”  You know that you have heard these lines each and every year.  I wish I could see Fred and Jeff do a little jig as they respond to each and every question.

Wilpons at Press Conference Be Gone With Wilpon

It's always a ball at a Wilpon Press Conference

The reporters ask good questions during this press conference every year.  The questions are typically asked the way you would ask your child about his or her poor grades at school.  “What are you planning on doing to improve this situation?”  It is almost scolding in a way.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a reporter  actually asked, “Have you learned from your mistakes, young man?”

This is the normalcy that occurs at the end of each and every failing season for the Mets.  Hey, when you play in New York City and spend the money that the Wilpons have spent over the years, you must have a winning team once in a while.  At the very least by accident.  When you fail over and over again, the media has the right to eat you alive.

One reporter was so on point to ask just how the Wilpons plan on finding the right individual to run their “baseball department”  (gasp, I hate when the Wilpons use that term to describe the Mets…kind of like a hobby).  This obviously implies that they must do something different from what they have done in years past since the process they have used thus far is an obvious failure.  Fred Wilpon even took a reporter’s suggestion under advisement in regards to the GM search.  I don’t know about you, but this does not fill me with much confidence.

One thing is for sure, pushing Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel out the door just puts a band-aid on this festering wound.  After all, it was the Wilpons that gave Minaya the position in the first place.  Minaya did not hire himself, did he?  I will continue to state what I have always stated since I began this blog.  Until the Wilpons accept the blame for THEIR inept decision-making, this team will continue to be a mess.   Why should we be naive enough to think anything differently?

The harshest truth is that Jeff Wilpon and I are about the same age.  That assures me one undeniable truth.  The Mets will never again win the World Series in my lifetime.  That is, unless Jeff Wilpon decides in his heart of hearts to sell the team that I grew up rooting for.