Mets Winning in Spite of Wilpon

June 15, 2010

When the plan in constructing a team is to search for bargains and hope for the best, the an awful lot is being left to chance.  That is just what was ordered by Mr. Wilpon this past winter.  “Find some cheap alternatives, and they better pan out…or else!”

Be Gone With Wilpon, Bargain Shopping

The Mets followed orders and looked for bargains this winter. It has worked out thus far.

The Met hierarchy, doing as they were told, searched on the bottom shelf for a group of players that would hopefully pan out for them and be somewhat productive in 2010.  This bargain-basement process led them to the signing of Rod Barajas, Henry Blanco, Hisanori Takahashi,  R.A. Dickey, and Elmer Dessens.  These names owe us Met fans absolutely nothing to date, wouldn’t you say?

Now there were others that gave us absolutely nothing, such as the departed Mike Jacobs, Gary Matthews, Jr., and Kelvim Escobar.  I think anyone would take a 50% or better success rate when searching for quality on the scrap heap.  That is just what the Mets have gotten through June 15th.  Mission accomplished Jeff.

Let us give credit where credit is due.  Jerry Manuel deserves plenty, as he is certainly getting the most out of all the players on his team, stars and unknowns alike.  Let’s give a shout out to the players themselves, as they are buying into Jerry’s mantra and have found some clubhouse balance.  This is something that has not existed in these parts in quite some time.

The problem now, however,  is two-fold.  The idea of any baseball team is to truly compete for a championship.  In order to be in the conversation, these no-name guys will have to continue their success.  Secondly, the Mets will surely need to add a starter, just as they needed to in November 2009.  Yes, this is true even though the Mets currently are among the league leaders in starting ERA.  They need a solid number three starter (Lackey would have looked great here, wouldn’t he?) to stick behind Pelfrey and Santana, therefore allowing Niese to slot in as the fourth starter.  The unfortunate fact is that this will now cost the Mets prospects as well as the dollars Mr. Wilpon seemingly will not relinquish his grasp upon.

In summary, the Mets have succeeded thus far in spite of Mr. Wilpon and his penny-pinching approach.  It better continue, or someone will have to pay.  Unfortunately, we know it won’t be Jeff Wilpon.


6 Responses to “Mets Winning in Spite of Wilpon”

  1. BeGoneWithWilpon – BGWW says the Mets are winning despite the Wilpon’s penny pinching. Well there’s that and also there’s the whole, “a bunch of players that Omar and Jerry tried to bury are currently major contributors,” thing. Po-TAY-toe, Po-TOT-toe, so to speak. […]

  2. isuzudude Says:

    It’s tough to call the owner of a team a penny-pincher when he has the most expensive team in the league. And it’s also tough not to blame that owner for being a penny-pincher (if he indeed is one) after the Bernie Madoff fiasco.

    Yet, was it being cheap of the Mets to sign Jason Bay to a $66-million contract this offseason? That was quite a significant addition, was it not? Maybe in contrast to Matt Holliday’s $120+ million contract it could be viewed as cheap. However, you could also call it “intuitive” or “penny-wise,” as Bay has produced at about the same level as Holliday despite costing over $50 million less. Why no credit for that?

    And condoning spending $82.5 million on John Lackey is ludicrous. What about his 4.54 ERA, 1.57 WHIP, or .291 opp avg suggests he’d be worth that kind of money, or that he’d slot in well as the Mets #3 pitcher? Are you saying you’d rather overspend for the underwhelming Lackey while pricing yourself out of vying for the services of Cliff Lee, Javy Vazquez, or Victor Martinez in the offseason leading up to 2011?

    Giving credit to the managerial nincompoop known as Jerry Manuel, while criticizing ownership for forcing Omar and Jerry to harvest maximum talent out of cheaper options, is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I guess you’d rather watch a washed-up bunch of multi-millionaire veterans going through the motions while paying an arm and a leg for a ticket and concessions to support the payroll, than enjoying a group of blue collar, sing-for-their-supper grinders who like getting dirty and playing hard and care more about winning than taking home a big paycheck. And if you could tell me why abusing members of the bullpen, batting Jose Reyes third, giving playing time to GMJ, trying to rush Carlos Beltran back from microfracture surgery, and bunting against position players who are pitching deserves accolades, I’ll bow to your intellect. But I’m betting you can’t.

  3. oktoday Says:

    Calling the owners cheap is silly.It is time that some fans are called fools to feel that when the owner of a club (Mets) pays one of the highest salaries in baseball, and spends big money in so many other deals that you can call them cheap.
    Look at what they are paying Santana/K-rod, who are now starting to pitch with a slow ball instead of a fast ball, or no homer/Bay. What makes you think that they are so cheap when they do spend big dollars to get them.

    All clubs, including good ones do have weaknesses, that cannot always be fixed. And so far the Mets are doing good with what they already do have on the club. So why pay more money on the outside for it, and then that outsider may lose it’s speed anyhow.

  4. grover Says:

    Like these guys said–an owner with a team with a 125 million dollar payroll can never be called cheap.
    Wilpon and Omar deserve a lot of credit for this team.
    They have the big tickets guys like Johan, Bay etc… (Soon to be Beltran)
    Homegrown established stars like Reyes and Wright.
    Homegrown rising stars like Pelfrey and Ike and Neise.
    And yes–cheap aquisitions that are a key to any great team–Barajas, Pagan, frenchie, takahashi, dickey, dressens, feliciano and nieve,
    This combination of top guys, with young homegrown stars and key free agent signings are a reason to applaud the wilpons and Omar and finally give them the credit they deserve.

  5. grover Says:

    The Mets are looking real good-fun exciting young team who are winning lots of games-you may have to change the name of this site to “wilpon rocks.”

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