Are We Getting Smarter?

April 14, 2010

To no one’s surprise, the Mets as a team have opened the 2010 season with that usual enthusiasm and desire to do what it takes to win.  I am being extremely sarcastic, of course.  With their current record standing at 2-5, the team is predictably lacking both the talent and will to win.  Hey, it isn’t like we ever beat the Nationals anyway, right?

Placing these facts aside for a moment, I do feel a sense of pride today.  How is that possible you ask?  There are little birdies whispering in people’s ears lately about the current state of ticket sales for 2010.  Normally, I would assume that regardless of how poor a product the Mets have placed on the field this year, that they would have little trouble selling tickets.

Could Met fans finally be showing their displeasure for the way the Wilpons run the team?

There are two reasons for this in my mind.  One is the allure of Citifield.  It is a beautiful stadium to watch a ballgame and spend an afternoon.  I know that when I went last year to watch the Minor League Mets for a couple of games that this is true.  I had zero interest in the game itself, but boy did I enjoy me some Citifield experience, from the food to the sheer aesthetics of the park itself.

The second reason is the optimism of a new season.  I have many Met fans that are friends of mine who are nothing if not optimistic.  That optimism usually leads to a desire to purchase season tickets.

Me?  I know a poor product when I see one.  You can’t pass a bad ball club pretending to be a good one by me.  I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that I did not pick up any tickets myself for this season.  After all, the Mets did lower payroll from 2009 after a disastrous season. I feel no obligation to help them financially at this time, even though my measly dollars have little impact on the financial success or failure of the New York Mets.  It is only the principle of the matter as far as I see it.

So why do I feel a sense of pride you ask?  If the Mets have suffered at the box office for 2010, then that means many fans have shown their displeasure with what the Wilpons are doing with this team.  It could mean that more and more of us are getting fed up with their antics.  Now there is no real way to assess this, as ticket sales are not actually shared with the public.  However, the more you perk your ears up, the more you hear clues that lead you to believe that this may be true.

If there is any truth to this, I raise a glass to all of you who show your disapproval of the Wilpons in this manner or any other way.  I wear mine on my sleeve.  All you have to do is  look at my blog page title to know how I feel.


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