Holy Pipes Batman!

March 4, 2010

We have obviously reached the point in modern-day sports that we know what we see.  So when a guy shows up to camp looking like Superman after looking like Robin for the past 2 years, we understand the story.

When I first saw David Wright’s physique this spring, I did a double-take.  Then after I let it sink in for several minutes, it became very easy to understand.  Wright is under a ton of pressure to boost his power this year after an embarrassing campaign (for his standards) in 2009.  If he were a 2nd place hitter, those 10 home runs would have looked fine to go along with all of his other production.  However, Wright has built a reputation that depicts him as a middle of the order hitter with 25-plus home run power.

David Wright circa 2009

David Wright 2010 spring training. That was tough to notice a difference, right?

Don’t get me wrong, if this means that Wright will hit 25- 30 homers this year, then I do not care what steroid mixture he is taking.  I am a Met fan, and I want them to win.  After all, Wright would not be the only major league player taking the juice this season, or any season for that matter.  Make no mistake.  Steroids are rampant throughout not only baseball, but all sports.  It is impossible to identify new compounds as they are produced because the experts do not know what to look for if they have yet to see it.  This is the reason that steroids will remain prevalent in both amateur and professional sports.

Therefore, all I have to say is this.  Keep shooting whatever it is you are shooting, David.  Hit those home runs and make all Met fans happy.  I will be the first one cheering when that first ball is hit into the stands at cavernous Citifield.


6 Responses to “Holy Pipes Batman!”

  1. Scott Says:

    There is absolutely no way that he’s doing ‘roids…not at this point in history. It IS possible to get in shape and enlarge your muscles from working out.

    • dkresh1 Says:

      The guy becomes Superman in less than six months? He is young, and therefore has the ability to put on muscle mass much more rapidly than someone my age. However, there are realistic limitations on what can be done naturally, no matter the age.

      Don’t kid yourself about this point in history either. As I mentioned, there is just no feasible way to identify new steroid compounds when drug tests are performed. Eveyone still needs that competitive edge, and therefore it is understandable that the “level playing field” climate continues to exist.

  2. Scott Says:

    Dude, if you truly believe that David Wright is taking PEDs–given his personal history, his understanding of his role, and what he’s seeing around him with guys ruining their reputations and lives–then I say that you’re being blindly negative because it’s the Mets.

  3. dkresh1 Says:

    It is not just Wright that I speak of, of course. I believe that over 50% of the league is still using. Nothing will make me believe otherwise.

    That being said, I put this knowledge aside when rooting for my team or enjoying the sport as a whole.

  4. dogdj Says:

    Oh yeah, he’s on something. If you workout every day, three times a day for 12 months you still won’t get this ripped, even with a personal chef and personal trainer. It is now the way of the game!

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