“The Wilpon Dimension”

February 21, 2010

Yesterday’s annual interview with Fred Wilpon was simply on the docket for the beginning of spring training.  It was not as if the mounting pressure from his disenchanted fan-base spurred him to speak into a microphone yesterday.  If it had, we as Met fans would have seen something entirely unprecedented in the annals of the Wilpon ownership. 

You see, the Wilpons live in a different reality than you and I.  Let’s call it the “Wilpon Dimension” for conversation sake.  Forget what they say to the media about how they are fans and how they suffer as we do.  That is the ultimate farce. 

Let me also state for the record that yesterday’s interview was by no means a shock to myself or the majority of the Met fan-base.  We all know that the Wilpon’s are going nowhere, and that we have endless miles of bad management highway in front of us for years to come. 

Let’s break down how “The Wilpon Dimension” differs from the universe that we live in.  In our reality, we see a team that typically makes bad decisions due to an ever-changing front office that is hand-picked by our proud owners.  We see a team that is second in the majors in payroll, that just opened a new ballpark, and that has its own money-making machine in SNY going into its third season on the air.  In short, we understand that the revenues being brought in by our ownership are extraordinary.  We place these two observations together, sort of like A + B in a formula, and we come up with the final product of C.  The letter C represents a terrible team on the field and a decimated farm system with little hope of these things turning around.  If the product is equal to the sum of its parts, it is easy to see that the revenue part of the formula is not the problem, and that ownership and it’s “baseball people” clearly are.  Some things are easy to see, in our reality anyway.

In “The Wilpon Dimension”, however, things are not what they seem.  Kind of like the Bizarro World, where everything is upside down.  What is up is down, what is black is white, and what is seen is a reversed mirror image of reality.  To Fred and Jeff Wilpon, they realize things are not what they need to be.  They just do not realize that they, and the decisions they make on who to hire, are the source of the problem.  That is the one undeniable truth.  To them, everything that fails is just bad luck.  If failure persists, then it is the manager’s fault.  If failure continues after the manager is replaced, then it is the front office that is next to go.  You see how this goes.  The Wilpons never realize that the part of the team that needs replacing is themselves. 

The Wilpons occupy a different dimension than Met fans do

The Wilpons say that they are true fans, but if they were, they would warp back to our reality and fire themselves.


8 Responses to ““The Wilpon Dimension””

  1. So our number one priority is to find a way to get Fred and Jeff Wilpon to say their own names backwards thus sending themselves to the 5th Dimension, or do we just have to paint their faces blue?

  2. dkresh1 Says:

    I think that you are mixing up your super villians. The guy that gets sent to the 5th dimension after saying his name backwards is Mr. Mxyzptlk. An image of him can be seen here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mxyzptlk.PNG

    Bizarro is the reverse image, and inferior minded counterpart to Superman. The only weakness he has is blue kryptonite. So, if the Wilpons can only be driven away by this weakness, do you know anyone who has some on hand?

  3. dkresh1 Says:

    Check out Joe D’s article on this same subject. it is a pretty cool spin as well. It can be found here : http://metsmerizedonline.com/2010/02/the-song-remains-the-same.html

  4. Mike Mariano Says:

    I’m writing from We’re the Team to Beat, a Phillies and Mets rivalry blog. We’re trying to expand our writing staff at WTTTB and I’m wondering if you’re interested in working with us. I want to keep the site fresh daily, but it gets hectic keeping that much posting rolling. I’m the Philly writer on the site and there are other Mets writers on the site, but I like what you do and they post on a unacceptably low basis. We don’t make money, so I can’t offer you any compensation but I’d love to have you aboard if you’re interested. You can do exactly what you do there, here if you like or we can work something different out.

    • dkresh1 Says:

      So sorry for the extreme delyaed response.

      As much as I appreciate the offer, my time is unfortunately limited. I get on here when I can to read and post. If it were an ideal world, I would post something at least once per day for my own blog. Unfotunately, my time is occupied by my real business. Although the idea is intriguing, I must pass for these reasons. I wish you all the luck in the world in finding someone to fit your needs. God speed.

  5. Bear Man Says:

    I just wrote a blog on Daddy No-Bucks as well. It seems as if we’ve all had enough of Flushing Freddy.

    If the Mets hierarchy was as clever as the Mets bloggers are, I’d say we’d be in good hands.

  6. Mack Says:

    Fred Wilpon is a decent man that doesn’t know enough about baseball to actually run a team.

    That doesn’t mean he should be personally attacked by anyone.

    Trust me… if the Mets miss the playoffs again… and attendendace winds up 30% off from last year… and the economy continues to improve… and the cash flow multiples on businesses improve… the Board of Directors will eventually vote him down.

    But he will still be a decent human being.


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