Congrats Donnie!

February 18, 2010

Another non-Met related post for me.  This is getting nuts.  I promise, I will be back on the horse soon enough.  This story was just too tasty to ignore here in New York.

I just wanted to congratulate Donnie Walsh in placing the Knicks in grand position this off-season to land not one, but two star basketball players in free agency.  The man had a plan, and he stuck to it.  Now that is what I call good decision making.  Maybe the Mets should hire Donnie as their GM.

Lebron has made no secret that he wishes to play with Bosh. Now he can make it happen with the Knicks in 2011

Could a Lebron James/Chris Bosh combination be making its way to Madison Square Garden in 2011?  Somebody pinch me!


3 Responses to “Congrats Donnie!”

  1. If MLB had a salary cap Walsh would be the man for the job.

    I am thinking LeBron stays put in Cleveland, but I’ll be very happy with Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson.

    • dkresh1 Says:

      Even if Lebron stays in Cleveland, what do you think about the possiblity of Wade and Bosh for the Knicks?

      • I like the idea, and when Miami did nothing today I think his leaving there became more realistic.

        But, with the disclaimer that this isn’t my opinion so much as it is something I heard a so-called expert say on the radio today, the way Wade plays is not conducive to his survival. He initiates and receives a lot of contact and is not a large or bulky guy. The expert said a 5 year max contract would not be a wise investment in Wade as he can reasonably be expected to miss significant time.

        I’m curious to see what the other guy the Knicks got today can do at the point. If he’s any good at all, I’ll happily settle for Bosh & Johnson with the new guy passing to them.

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