Mets Do Not Listen to the Fans

February 11, 2010

Bravo to Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog for posting this today.  These types of articles are what Jeff Wilpon needs to see more of.

Jeff Wilpon is obviously hard of hearing, right?


4 Responses to “Mets Do Not Listen to the Fans”

  1. grover Says:

    The mets should NEVER listen to the fan base about baseball moves. The fan base would have had the mets give 100 million to barry Zito and would have traded both reyes and Fmart to get johan, instead of waiting out the twins and would have given manny rameriz 100 million last season. Fans should only be lisetned to when dealing with issues like citifield improvements, ticket plans, etc… Baseball? No way.

  2. Mike Says:

    Dang… strong point, Grover.

    • dkresh1 Says:

      It is easy to state correct moves that were and were not made. We all know that there were plenty of bad moves of the same under the current regime as well. When you paint a fence, you have to paint it with both sides of the brush.

      However, I think the crux of this article by Cerrone was that when the fans want a move to be made that may be obvious to better the team (Lackey), ownership does not hear the fans’ cry. Cerrone’s Bengie Molina topic was a prime example of this. “Someone” in the Met management actually thought that most Met fans wanted this guy, when after all the dominant feeling was the opposite. Most Met fans wanted no part of an overweight, one-dimensional catcher, even in the absence of a true starter at the position.

      The point is, there are fans that KNOW what is good for the team, and others that do not. The fans that do not were the same ones calling out for Barry Zito. Educated fans wanted no part of that guy. It is hard to characterize all Met fans as either knowledgable or not. If a group of fans happens to speak up in favor of a move, maybe management should listen once in a while. I am not saying that they should base their decisions solely on what the fans have to say. I am not insane, after all. They are the so-called experts (Here is where I have my doubts, of course). Perhaps if the fans had more confidence in those making these decisions, we would not even be having this conversation.

      After all, we all want a better team to watch on the field. Don’t we? This is why I was such a fan of Cerrone’s article. I applaud once again silently.

  3. grover Says:

    What about the army of fans last year that demanded the mets sign manny at any cost?

    What about the fans that yelled the mets “just get the Johan deal don” no matter what the cost.

    Bottom Line—this GM, has made much more good moves then bad and when healthy–the team has always been a 90+ win team.

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