Let’s Not “Run” Ahead of Ourselves

February 2, 2010

Rosy reports everywhere of Jose Reyes’ sprint session yesterday are geared towards generating some excitement and optimism in an otherwise downtrodden off-season.

As I attempt to board this “Happy Train”, reality persists in nipping at my heels, ultimately causing me to fall short of that desirable joy ride.  Damn reality.

I have about as much faith in the medical recovery of any Met player as I do in the stock market.  It’s nothing but a sheer gamble.  Then again, that would give Jose Reyes nearly a 50-50 shot at a full recovery if we follow this analogy.  Who says I am not an optimist?

Will seeing this bring on some anxiety?

Reyes was certainly one of the most electric players to ever don a Mets uniform.  He alone was a reason to sit down and watch a Met game, despite his boneheaded exploits.  I would love nothing more than to see him hit that first triple this year.  Unfortunately, I just know that as I see him rounding second, I will feel nothing but anxiety and apprehension.  This is true because I will be waiting for that moment where his hamstring rolls up like an accordion once again.  Come on, you all know what I mean.  We have all felt that, and you know you will feel it again.

In any event, I suppose I must wipe the slate clean with Jose, and blindly hope for the best.  Is that optimism again?  Well, it is optimism coming from me anyway.


One Response to “Let’s Not “Run” Ahead of Ourselves”

  1. TheCoop Says:

    I know, I know. For some reason, I am keeping the half-full glass in front of me though. I wrote a similar piece today, about how when a Met says they’re “okay,” it might be the FO telling them to “say” they are “okay.”

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