Enough With Smoltz and Wang and…

January 31, 2010

I can’t take it any more.  Giving the likes of John Smoltz, Chien-Ming Wang, Jarrod Washburn and Braden Looper this much attention is like making the geeky girl at the prom the object of everyone’s desire.  Yes, there is something positive about her.  She is smart.  She is involved in many school activities.  She is known throughout the student body.  She isn’t bad looking, but she is certainly not the girl that high school boys dream about.

Why are the Mets the boy who has to settle for the geeky girl?  I mean, really.  We have in fact reached a stage where players actually do not express a burning desire to play for the Mets.  These are players that are middle of the road types as well.  Bengie Molina?  How did we get here?  I get this fact.  We DO however have money to spend.  That certainly makes up for the pimples on the Mets’ face. 

The truth is that the Mets got it all wrong from day one this offseason by not even making an offer to the one pitcher who could make a difference.  John Lackey.  The Mets showed us in that instance that they were not seriously interested in improving their team.  After all, the area that required the most fixing based on last season’s failures was starting pitching.  Once that lack of interest became apparant, why should I concern myself with anything else that is left on the shelf?  I won’t do it.  I will not speak of any of these “roster-fillers” from this point forward. 

Not even an offer?

The Mets have made their decision.  So have I.


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