The Omar Babble

January 29, 2010

The following is a response from our wonderful general manager to the idea that he might not have “full autonomy” in running the team.  This is an excerpt from an interview with Kevin Burkhardt of SNY on Thursday.

“Yes, I do have full autonomy,” Minaya told host Kevin Burkhardt. “I know there’s been some talk about that. The bottom line is that I have full autonomy; the bottom line is that we have a good group of staff that we work together; the bottom line is that we make decisions, and like anything else, I have assistants around me, and like anything else, but it’s full autonomy, we feel good about working together and we are continue to work together.”

I AM in control!

….Sheesh!  After that verbal explosion, I think I need a drink.  Let’s finish it up with this one…

“No, like anything else, we have, and I say this, we go out, we pursue certain players, some of the players that are out there we have gotten certain amount of whether salaries that we say hey look we were interested in the players but that being said, we’ve acquired the players that we wanted to,” Minaya said.

Better make that a double.


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